The Dry


The Beacon

psychologically and existentially penetrating

The Siege

Some useful background reading on the siege of Leningrad here.

The Utopia Experiment


Picture by Sandy McCook – Inverness 30th March ’07 Dr Dylan Evans with his Utopia Experiment based in Culbockie on the Black Isle.

By the end of the book Dylan has come to a very different view of the state of the world and the value of ‘progress’. Many of the ideas he starts to share are picked up and explored in more depth in Harvard Psychologist Steven Pinker‘s book Enlightenment Now. There’s a fairly lengthy review of the book that summarises some of Pinker’s defence of enlightenment here.

utopia barn TUE 00197803

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Our only little piece of Utopia at Tim’s house


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

A satisfying trip down memory lane for most Rotters though Teacher John felt that it needed more commas.

If re-reading the book is not quite the experience you remembered from 35 years ago, then what do you make of the TV series? Here’s where Arthur Dent saves the day by pressing the improbability drive.

Curiously, despite sitting in stony silence through the film adaptation in 2005, watching the trailer again makes me think we were maybe a little harsh?

Black Water Lilies

“Just finished Black Water Lilies – wow! It’s definitely not a book to only part read.. struggle to the end as it’s well worth it chaps.”

The Essex Serpent

This book didn’t get a great reception when we gathered to discuss it as a group. I wish this podcast of Sarah Perry discussing the book on the BBC R4 Bookclub had been recorded then because I don’t see how anyone could listen to this and not be entranced by the story. I think this will be available indefinitely. Do give it a listen here.

You have to admire an author who so comfortable in their own skin that they are prepared to tweet this about their book:


Actually Sarah Perry is great on twitter…well worth following @SarahGPerry


The Blackwater at Maldon. In the background are some of the Thames barges…with the orange sails…like the one that appeared to fly above the water to Will and Cora.



The author’s map of the imaginary village of Aldwinter

The Shepherd’s Life

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trailer for a book before but this by Penguin Books is rather good:


A about the impact of tourism on Bath, by film director Ken Loach, was in the Guardian recently and picks up a number of the themes explored by James Rebanks. You can read it here.

The Remains of the Day

Unfortunately Kazuo Ishiguro will no longer be able to join us tonight at the Black Horse Inn to discuss his book. Something came up.


I Am Pilgrim