The Children Act

Music from the Book

I had just started to source links to the various pieces of music cited in the book when I came across this great Blog which had beat me to it. So if you fancy hearing what the Mahler or the Keith Jarrett tunes sound like then just follow this link. Here’s the piece played by Adam in the hospital.


The Hospital

I was intrigued by the description of the 26 storey Edith Cavell Wandsworth General Hospital. Sadly no such place exists. There was an Edith Cavell Hospital but it was in Peterborough and wasn’t funded by New Labour money. In fact it closed its dors in November 2010 and has since been demolished.


Film Adaptation comes too late for Matt

Emma Thompson is set to star in a film adaptation of the book. Shooting won’t start till 2017 so it will all be too late to save Matt Willing from having to read the book. Read more.



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