about The Rotters

Back in November 2008 a small group of men in a village in South Warwickshire amazed their wives and partners. They not only managed to organise a meeting in one of their homes, empty some crisps into a bowl and remember where the wine glasses were kept…..but decided it was about time there was a Book Club for the men of the village.

That village was Ettington.

Those men were soon to become The Rotters.




  1. Steve Krikler

    Awake at 4 am, listening to World Service (via R4). Heard International Book Club discussion of The Garden of Evening Mists. Surprised to hear a question from a member of The Rotters.
    I’m a man, living in Warwickshire and I enjoy a good book, when work and family allow. How does one become a Rotter?


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    • That’s brilliant. Thanks for letting us know Steve. The World Book Club saw our tweet that we were reading the Tan Twan Eng book and asked if we had any questions for him as they would soon be recording a programme with him. That was months ago so I’d forgotten all about it. I’ve shared a link to the podcast with all The Rotters now.

      Unfortunately we are not taking new members at the moment…..no one ever seems to leave. And we have a bit of a waiting list. But if you are interested in finding out more about how it all works…and perhaps setting one up where you are then drop me a note with your contact details and I’ll give you a call. My email is johnwade06@aol.com.

      Really great to hear from you.

      All the best John


  2. Fletch

    Dear Sir,

    Great to see another all male book club. We’ve been reading club novels for over a decade, and enjoy cartoucherie and drinks, while discussing out monthly picks.
    Would you be interested in merging our books selections and sharing info.?
    Please contact me if you would like to learn more.
    Here is a short video I made one month while deciding our Genre choice: https://goo.gl/tiM1mQ

    Brother Polymath

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  1. A good death | John Wade

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